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Connecticut microgrid pilot project unique in the nation

White House Council on Environmental Quality Chair Nancy Sutley said, “As climate change increases the frequency of extreme weather and its public health risks, it is more important than ever we take common-sense steps to modernize our infrastructure to reduce the frequency of power outages and ensure reliable energy for American households and businesses.”

quarters - from FBI story re parking meter thief 08-16-2013

How to get rich 25 cents at a time and end up in prison

“The bank never suspected,” Gross said, “because Bagarozzo told the tellers he had a friend with a vending machine business. He developed such a good relationship with the bank tellers,” Gross explained, “that they eventually gave him boxes to use that held exactly $500 worth of quarters. He went to the bank several times a week with a $500 box of quarters and got cash in return.”

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